Adulting before coffee - Parenting hacks that actually help!

Parenting before coffee can sometimes feel like dieting while surrounded by tacos, am I right?

Trying to come up with a morning routine that is easy, simple and effective can be exhausting. That's why we've put together this handy little list of things to try.

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#1 Put together your kids’ outfit, school bag, and lunch for the next day before bed

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Not only will this save you time in the morning, it's a great way to help your kids remember all of their homework, gym clothes, and assignments!

How to make it simple:

  • Make it a before bedtime routine where you get your kids excited to choose what they’re going to wear tomorrow
  • Expert tip: If you’ve got a few options in mind, make it a “this or that” choice so your kids don’t end up going rogue and looking like a hot mess / fighting with you about it

#2 Put your coffee the in brewer before you go to sleep

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This is one sure-fire way to make sure you've always got coffee at the touch of a button.

How to make it simple:

  • If you have an old-school coffee pot, put a fresh filter in with your scoop(s) of coffee. The basket creates an air seal that will make for an easy “one press” cup of coffee in the morning.
  • If you have a Keurig or another “cup-style” coffeemaker, put your K-cup in the brewer and your mug right below. True, it might only save a few minutes, but those few minutes count when your kid is having a meltdown because you asked them to put their shoes on the right feet!
  • Expert tip: Make it in a travel mug with a safety lid for an easy “grab and go”
  • Super expert tip:  Store 2-3 travel mugs in the fridge with premixed milk, cream, sweetener or sugar - no thought necessary when “you just can’t” in the morning

#3 Put a set of toothbrushes, a brush and/or hair clips in the downstairs bathroom to save yourself a trip back up the stairs on the days your kids forget to brush their teeth or brush their hair

If your kids are anything like I was as a kid, brushing their teeth is last on their list of things to do in the morning. I mean, there are toys to play with, breakfast to eat, and cartoons to watch! 

Save yourself a little time with this tip. You wont regret it!

#4 Picky breakfast eater? No problem! Make a smoothie for your kids to drink on the way to school or daycare. Jam-packed with nutrients, this parenting hack is a win-win!

Expert tip: Let your kids help make it before their bedtime and they’ll be excited to have it in the morning.

#5 Keep your kids focused on getting ready with a handy list.

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Post a list of what needs to be done, like eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing hair and brushing teeth. For younger kids, you can draw pictures, use stickers, or cut out magazine images to create a visual list.
Then, instead of feeling like you have to nag / argue with them during your morning routine, merely ask them “Where are you on your list?”

How to make it simple:

  • Expert tip:  Grab a picture frame from the dollar store that has a clear plastic panel instead of glass. Print off your list and put checkboxes beside it. Get a dry erase marker and have the kids check off what steps they’ve finished!
  • Super expert tip: Make it a game. If they finish all their items before a certain time, give them a sticker, treat, or small reward.


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